Gurumode LLC

Integrating your network of things.

Gurumode designs networks and brings them to life. We go beyond the basics and implement custom solutions to solve the problems of today.

What we do

Harness what you have for automation and analytics

IoT Devices

Network devices implemented in ways that aren't obvious

Custom Programming

Custom written programming that integrates the things you have to the processes you want

Data and Automation

Information used to drive automation and converted to usable formats for analytics

About us

Technology as a sixth sense

Growing up, the owner of Gurumode LLC was mesmerized by the Commodore Amiga 1000 that his dad and uncles would play with on the weekends. Mimicking their actions, he quickly developed a deep understanding of how the system worked. It didn't take long to go from there to programming games on TI graphing calculators during math tests. A whole new world of servers and networking opened up a bit later after getting access to dial up internet at home.

Having been immersed in the inner workings of many systems since a young age, paired with 25 years of development experience, the owner has developed somewhat of a sixth sense for technology.

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Grand Rapids, MI, USA

We would love to hear from you. Let us know your challenges and we will develop solutions.